Model T Tuesday!!! Over 100 years….

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Here’s a short film that includes the origins of our beloved Model T.  If you have 25 minutes it’s worth the watch especially if you don’t have a full scope of Henry Ford’s work which includes the Model T in 1908.   It’s pretty crazy to think that some of you people  who own a T are or will be soon driving something that’s 100 years old…….100 YEARS OLD!!!

Go Forth and Build.

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1952 Briggs Cunningham C3 Coupe.

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The other day we got a phone call from our friend Ron saying that if we were free on Wednesday we really should make it down to the shop in Concord, NC because a pretty special car was going to stop by.  He gave me some details knowing we’d be into it hook, line and sinker.  See what our area of North Carolina lacks in hot rods and customs, we surely make up for it in race pedigree and those who patronize the restorations of significant race cars from all walks of life.

So Wedneday comes and we’re chomping at the bit to get down there and see the car which ends up being the “Number 2″  Cunningham C3 coupe that was built in 1952 originally.  From the outside the car screams European driving machine but that’s only a disguise. This car is all hot rod underneath and has everything to back up that claim.   Built to compete in LeMans, Briggs Cunningham needed to build at least 25 of these cars to contend with the production car status.  This being number two, there are a lot of features on this car that do not appear on the later built ones (like wind wing side glass) which makes it unique.

Cunningham built the chassis’ using a ladder bar tube frame construction with coil spring front suspension that is believed to be sourced from a Mercury.  Out back power was put to the ground using a Chrysler Live Axle differential suspended to create a wheel base of 107″ and a 58″ track width.  These chassis’ were then shipped to Tourin, Italy from West Palm Beach FL so that Carrozzeria Vignale could build the bodies on them.

The body is made up of steel and alloy construction.  The front fenders, hood and snout are all steel while the back 2/3′s is aluminum.  The bodies are reminiscent of Ferrari 212′s but easily could be mistaken for other cars that would be built some 25 years later.  There’s a really interesting trim piece that ties into the front grille that’s hand made out of to pieces of brass then chromed.  It starts at the snout and runs on the upper fender near the hood opening and I think it might be one of my favorite things about the car.  Front glass is from a 1952 Ferrari and turn signals are from a land rover.  Tail lights are reminiscent of a C1 Corvette turned up on their side and tunneled but being this is from 1952 there are all Cunningham and Vignale’s ideas.  The body is painted with a tri tone scheme which will be really nice to see once the restoration is complete.

Speaking of the hood, every race car has to have something that motivates it to win and this one is no different. Under the bonnet it has a near stock 331 Chrysler engine with hemispherical heads and 7.5:1 CR.  The fuel is dumped into the mighty hemi using a 4×2 Briggs Cunningham intake that’s topped off by 4 Zenith Carburetors that really wakes up it’s top end potential maxing out somewhere around 130mph.  This particular car won Watkins Glen 2 years in a row with Briggs Cunningham driving both years against other significant cars of the era which really says something about the car and it’s creators.

The interior of the car features a tri spoke steering wheel with wooden rings as found in lots of sports cars of the time.  The oversized gauges are from a 1952 Ferrari painted to match the exterior color.  Center mounted Tach was believed to have printed the “RPH” by mistake but instead of having all them corrected BC decided to carry on with them installing them in a few of the cars.

This car is currently owned by Tom Cotter and being restored by KIR Custom Car Creations in Concord, NC.  It runs and drives and I can attest to that as it shuffled off, sounding very healthy and getting up and going nicely.  It was found in a garage in South Carolina and the previous owner having once owned a Pontiac dealer took this car in on trade for a Pontiac station wagon.   It’s nice to know a true car guy like Mr. Cotter got a hold of it just in the nick of time for us all to soon enjoy.  There’s less then 30 of these cars which makes them incredibly special but the fact that this was an American Company taking on the giants from Europe in prestigious races makes a real sight to be seen if the chance is given.  There’s a lot of hot rod influence and engineering in this car and a ton of inspiration can be drawn upon looking and appreciating a car like this.

NOTE: One really cool feature on this car is the nose badge that features a hand painted and porcelainized Cunningham logo.   The best part about this badge is that it was a 1952 Ferrari badge that was sanded and painted over the top which I think is worth a 1000 words.  

Want a sports car?  Go Forth and Build.

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MODEL T TUESDAY! Hard Scrabble Hop-Up.

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Normally we’d wait until a build is a little more under way, but this thing is too cool not to post.  I spotted this build thread on the HAMB a few months ago and was drawn in pretty quickly with the attention to detail and the parts selected right off the bat.   Member gwhite on the HAMB started off thinking he was building a touring car, but quickly changed directions once a ’26 Roadster body was sourced along with a bed.  From there he started dreaming up a early to mid 40′s hop-up T that was powered by a banger and some cool parts of years gone by like the 20′s era Cadillac primer pump he mounted to the dash and the Edison Spark Plugs.

Speaking of spark plugs, there are four of them and they are getting cinched up to the Winfield Head that he’s prepped along with a Winfield intake.  Internal machining is being done as expected and it should live up to being called the “Hard Scrabble Hop-Up”.   It Should be a really cool sounding engine when all said and done, and while it’s probably not going to be going down the quarter mile in a hurry, it will be plenty to have fun with and get this RPU scooting down two lane roads in Texas where the builder/owner resides.

Staying true to the era, the silhouette and  stance will be dictated by a reversed spring and some leaves removed up front and an 8 pack t spring in the rear mounted on top of the Model A rear filled with 3.54 gears.  Slightly chopped stantions and the lack of fenders will probably round out the look for the most part but as stated before, this one is going to be cool because of the details.  When you’re going through the build take note at the attention given to the Rocky Mountain mechanical drums finish when he was painting them.  Stuff like this always interests me and really separates a lot of cars from standing out when it comes bombardment of build threads we are use to seeing pop up.

If you have a few minutes take a look at the build thread.  it’s evolving as we speak and getting cooler day by day.  CLICK HERE!!! 


This image was posted along with the build thread.  I think someone mentioned it being a photoshop but this is the general vibe gwhite is going for.




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It’s Not Quite Safe Just Yet…

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Interior of Bomb Shelter

We have talked about getting the store up and running for far too long now.  So we are skipping some shows this spring and instead going to dedicate ourselves to a new site with a fully functioning store.  There are some really cool products we’re going to be proud to offer to you all and we’ll update you soon on those.  Until then bare with us for just a little bit longer and we’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out.  Thanks so much for all the support and interest!

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Model T Tuesday! Street Scene

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This isn’t the usual Model T Tuesday post but it’s a good one none the less.  Here’s an image from the Los Angeles Public Library online archive.  The photo was taken in April of 1962 at the intersection of Van Nuys and Victory Blvd.

Imagine your a kid in one of the passing by cars seeing that go by or at a red light.  I’m sure cars like these left lasting memories on kids alike and probably were directly and indirectly related to future builds being created.  If nothing else I’m sure it boosted Monogram’s Model Car sales.  I have a special place in my heart for T Buckets.  I can’t say with certainty I know which one this is but I kinda like it that way.  Makes me believe it’s your average Joe’s hot rod just being used as it should ripping down every day streets.

Go Forth and Build your own every day T.

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Model T Tuesday!!! Josh Martinson’s 60′s Inspired T Coupe.

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If you’re looking for some inspiration on building a car from a really fun period, look no further.  Josh Martinson’s 60′s inspired T Coupe has been in the works for a few years and it’s definitely something to be seen.  I love all the fogged panels amongst everything else but as usual with T Coupes, the stance makes or breaks these cars.  Josh nailed it though and the car is a great example of a really fun time in Hot Rod’s history even if it was built in the last few years.  I can’t imagine this car being anything less then a blast to drive and I can’t imagine he’s going to get many miles out of those slicks out back….not when hearing them melt off seems so right. 

I won’t try to ruin the fun of exploring his build thread on the HAMB which is you can see RIGHT HERE!   Go through and get inspired and build your own version of a T Coupe.

Go Forth and Build.

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Model T Tuesday Clint Eastwood’s T Roadster.

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I don’t have much info on this car but I do know it’s thee Clint Eastwood around 1945.  Supposedly when he was 15 he packed his backs for the summer and headed to California in this here little 26/27 roadster with the turtle deck removed.  Things to point out are the 24 stud flathead and long track style radius rods being used as well as the chopped down windshield.  His father bought him the car for $25 and there’s not much else known about how it came to be.    Who know Clint was so cool?  Wait, it’s Clint Eastwood, we all knew.

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MODEL T TUESDAY-Bob Cressey’s T Roadster

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Bob Cressey

Don’t even say it.  I know we’ve slacked on these articles here on SCSS.  It’s been a good long while since the last with no good excuse.  Let’s just chalk it up as a mulligan.  Deal?

As a peace offering I give you Bob Cressey and his T Roadster as seen in 1935 in Hollywood, CA.  Bob was a member of the Throttlers which was one of a dozen club around in the 1930′s dedicated to pushing the speeds 0n the Southern California drylakes. He stripped the car of all the unnecessary  items and added a few others to help push it along including a milled head, Delco distributor, aftermarket two speed trans and a 3:1 rear end.  He also installed a Wheeler muffler and Winfield carburetor to squeeze everything he possibly could out of the engine.  Seems simple enough but this is at a time when an aftermarket industry hardly existed if at all, and also when people were still struggling just to put some food in their stomachs.  So something as simple as a Wheeler muffler now probably was a point of bragging right in the mid 30′s.

As purposeful as this car is, it’s the “look” that really draws you in.  A Low slung body with that black paint all T’s came with, coupled with the most prominent feature which is the nearly new 1933 Ford grille shell.  What a menacing look it gives to an often awkward early t body.  I love the way the hood wraps around the grille shell and leads you up to the chopped windshield which looks really cool standing still as it probably did at speed on the drylakes.    Even the headlight placement is really nice and thought out which is something that gets overlooked on early hot rods and speedsters.  I just love this damn thing.


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GRACE & CO. Depression Era Hot Rod Parts

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Grace & Co. is a small North Carolina based company kicking off with some really cool and interesting dash inserts to start, but have lots of things in the works for the future.   The dash inserts not only look right in just about any hot rod, but they can pass for stock parts provided by companies 80 years ago.  Being inspired by everything “old timey” Grace & Co. have taken twists on old ideas and cast their (I say their but it’s really a one man operation headed up by Chris Hedrick) versions of what was and what could have been produced at the time.

The inserts are designed by Chris and built without the use of some fancy shmancy CNC machine.  Instead the mold is made by steel welded, ground and filled until the desired design is achieved.  From there the mold is used to cast these dashes out of aluminum by a small local foundry.  This is not a part made off shore or even by people who’s heart is not in it.  Instead it’s 100% MADE IN THE USA by someone who eats, breathes and lives for old Hot Rods.

Currently, Chris is currently working on a ’29 Coupe on ’32 chassis powered by a flat-motor.  These dashes are extension of that passion and definitely a great option when when building your next ride.  They fit great on most dashes and will add that bit of class that the interior of your car deserves.  Sugar City is proud to offer these for sale and these parts made by Grace & Co., are exactly what SCSS is built around.  Local hot rod parts sold by a local company for YOU.


Dash inserts are $100.00 plus $15.00 shipping for “as cast” and $125.00 plus $15.00 shipping for the Polished version in either design.

You can drill your own holes if preferred or order it as shown.  Just let us know how you’d like it and we’ll see what we can do!  Dash inserts are approximately 16-1/2″ wide by 6″ tall.

••••Until the Web store is up you can use the contact page for purchase inquiries.  Shoot us a message and we’ll get you squared away using paypal or a money order••••

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It Gets Better? Von Hartman’s Freakin’ A

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I have been watching Von Hartman on the HAMB build this coupe for some time now and it’s been such a huge source of inspiration.  In fact I can’t tell you how many people I have sent a link to his thread telling them “you gotta see this”.

Well the pic above is not it’s current state.  It’s actually the starting point so which leads the follows to think, IT GETS BETTER?   Short answer is yes.  While to the average guy all the car was missing was some body work and paint but not Von Hartman.  Nope he’s welding and grinding his way to something truly special here and each piece that’s being built is a stand alone part that looks like a team of engineers were behind.  I’ve included 3 pieces that off this car to give you a glimpse of just what’s going on in his garage in Illinois.  Truly inspirational work.   Now Go Forth and Build…..



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